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C# .net developer

Are you looking for the excitement of working with a startup? Relish the idea of coming to work everyday, surrounded by smart people who are passionate about what they do? Are you looking for opportunity to make a big impact and see your work used by millions of users? Are you capable of building best-in-class web applications? Are you top of your game?

If answer to most of the above questions is no then look for another job, otherwise continue reading…

Skills & Requirements

  • Bachelors or Masters Degree in Computer Science, equivalent work experience, or just be really awesome
  • Built web applications / Rest API using MVC3 or above
  • good knowledge of:
    • Generics, dependency injection, async tasks, etc.
    • Web optimizations like bundling, minifications, caching resources, etc.
    • Analytics for example GoogleAnalytics
    • SQL, MSSQL Server/Express and LINQ
    • Caching, redis, in-memory cache
    • Web Authentication, session management, SSL
    • API - Authentication, JSON, oAuth
    • javascript, good knowledge of framework like KnockoutJS is plus
    • css basic, good knowledge of Bootstrap
    • Handling image uploads
    • Logging for example Elmah
    • NuGet packages, msbuild, msdeploy and mstest
    • GIT
    • IIS

How to apply

Please submit your resume to

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