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How It All Began

It all started with a simple idea to empower educational institutes with free software that is easy to use, automate several day to day tasks. With quick initial prototype we were already able to help few institutes with basic stuff like results, fee, salary, etc. The feedback was very positive so we continued development. We started analyzing how we can help more? for example integration with mobile and internet for communication? We made it really easy to send personalized SMS messages to students, parents and teachers right from software by single click, and in the background written smart services to improve reliability of overall messaging while working with several third parties. Institutes loved it and started using it for notifications, sending results, fee reminders, parent teacher meet invitations, etc. Sending sms was not something new but we turned it into easy to use mass communication tool for institutes.

Online presence was another area where institutes were struggling, most of the institute don't have online presence and even if they do, often information is unstructured and outdated, so it is not helping anyone. There several factor involved here, of course cost, and also updating process is very slow, as this work is mostly outsourced to external web development company. We added feature in our software to build/update webpages like word document, similar to CMS but more integrated with the software to also push data online e.g. results, reports, etc. And in the background we handled all the complexity of presenting information online. Outcome of this simple feature was amazing, in very short time hundreds institutes started using our platform for cool stuff like uploading photos of various events, etc. And students are downloading summer assignments, checking online results, time-tables, uniform design, etc.

Tablet and Mobile are the next big thing as these devices provides lot freedom and flexibility to users. So last year we started experimenting with Android, idea was to enable institutes to use these devices connected to central server over wifi, so that information is still maintained centrally but provides flexibility to use it from anywhere within institute. The result was really awesome, for example now teachers can take attendance with table or mobile and it gets updated in realtime, accounts department can print receipt from printer connected over wifi, teacher can update student picture from mobile or table camera, etc.

We believe continuous product development is the only way to keep up with ever changing world. As we work very close to institutes, our dedicated product development team continuously receive feedback and push atleast two major release every year. We managed to do this from last five years and result is smart software with wide range of features, just to give an idea, starting from basic features like grading based results, marks based results, fee, salary, attendance, etc. software also covers inventory, assets, library, videos, transportation, etc. and still actively developed.

Meanwhile, we realized that customers not only love our software but also like our presence and attitude towards making things work. Not to mention we are pretty passionate people and gets excited like "Printing results of hundreds of students that's awesome!, sending messages to all of them, updating website with online results by single click, nice!". Of course software is amazing but our presence was helping institutes to realize full potential of technology. After requests from many customers we started offering dedicated support however we are still providing free software to institutes.

Our Philosophy

We believe technology is a game changer, specially in education domain. It can help students, parents, teachers and management to stay connected and exchanging information almost in realtime while utilizing internet, mobiles, etc. It can enable institute to focus more on providing quality education while simplifying and automating day to day tasks. It is also very beneficial for student as they get better understanding of technology by early exposure. However, there are lot of challenges
  • Technology is very expense - accessible to less than 5% of institutes
  • No smart stuff - most tool are focused on data-in data-out
  • Fragmentation - information is not centralized and many tools and companies involved.
  • World is changing - It requires continuous product development, which involves very high recurring cost.
  • Making it work - it is not just software lot of other stuff involved like operating system, hardware, printer, internet, etc.

We think software should be free, it should add value by reducing redundant/manual work and enabling institute to do stuff which is not possible otherwise. Moreover, we should help institutes to realize full potential by using technology. Better educational institute can bring in lot of value in society and we are doing our bit to make it happen.

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